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Alison is fighting dragons

I am dismayed to see that the Emisonians are left drop after these episodes. Guys, we have endured 4 seasons, a few episodes are not going to break down our fandom, especially when you’re seeing things start to fall into place. Yes, the cracks are beginning to see, wounds will be avenged. Alison’s soul is slowly undressing.  Everything looks bad now, because there is a lot of waste to clean up. But the result will be good, we are entering a journey of healing, we will see step by step as the love between Emily and Alison begin to shine with all its light. Let’s say, it’s like we’re starting a romantic book, there will be some tough situations, but we know how it ends, “Pip gets with Estella in the end”

I’m not afraid Emily’s attitude or Alison’s actions. Don’t panic, Alison is alone and can’t trust anyone, all her friends are in collusion with someone suspected of being part of the A-Team, so she must do something to protect themselves. The point is that with “A” on the map, Ali can’t only look sideways before crossing the street. She need to do something so big, able to reaches the size of “A”, something that can really protect herself. That’s fine, things are not black and white, there are gray tints, people are a combination of light and dark. Sometimes the right thing is not the best way, sometimes you need to do what needs to be done.

Alison is not “A” and Emison is not over, not even started. Alison will not be with Emily, not as long as she knows Emily is in danger at her side. Alison is looking for ways to catch “A” once and for all. Alison is fighting dragons. The girls never achieve anything because they can’t think in the way that “A” does. Alison knows, and that is why she will put all her intelligence and cunning to catch “A” and end it once and for all. Alison has the guts.

Emily will know at some point that Alison was doing what was necessary. The girls also will realize that, and I think, I’m sure they will try to bring Alison to them again, because they need her intellectual capacity to catch “A”.

Alison even, probably, is making a sacrifice to get the girls out of the sight of “A” and keep them safe. I don’t know, but I swear that Alison is more light than darkness. She’s not “A”, so, you can trust on her. Don’t close your eyes, we will see a phoenix named Emison rise from the ashes. Emison forever. 

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surprise-bitch-its-ob: Wow I mean how obvious does it have to be. Alison has a plan, every move is calculated. You think she’s going to bump into Emily and have it be because of something petty like feeling let down? LOL. Obviously Alison is doing a reverse pickpocket here and by the end of the episode or somewhere after this we’ll see what Alison gave her and it will all be part of her plan. ;)

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Watching PLL like
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Or A wants us to think it’s Alison
Spencer speaking the voice of fucking reason (via how-about-emison)
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Emily passes out in the barn and Alison saves her. (Episode 212)

"This is one of my favorite scary scenes, because I knew when I was writing it that that Alison really was alive. This was Alison really saving Emily and really speaking her truth to her — she was the hardest to leave — and that’s what I love about it. Alison is saying, "You can come with me if you want." She was willing to take Emily. And I think Emily was on the verge of that, and A was so close to winning." — Marlene King,  aka the queen of emison ship


"Esta es una de mis escenas favoritas de miedo porque, cuando yo estaba escribiéndola, sabía que Alison estaba viva. Esa fue realmente Alison salvando a Emily y diciéndole la verdad —Ella fue la más difícil de dejar— y eso es lo que amo de ello. Alison dijo "Puedes venir conmigo, si tú quieres". Ella estaba dispuesta a tomar a Emily. Pienso que Emily estaba al borde de eso, y que A estaba cerca de ganar." — Marlene King

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I don’t want things to be like this ( x )

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I’m so sorry to have to bring down your hopes of finally finding out about who is”A”. Really sorry because ALISON IS NOT “A”. Now keep pulling shit, Her majesty is stronger than that. Thanks. Love ya and greetings from Rosewood little haters.
the ALI Cats (via thealicats)
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Have you seen the Canadian promo? It's like dafuq Ali, get ur shit together!


I’m completely confident that the writers are doing this on purpose. They need to make us doubt Ali, they need to make her seem suspicious to keep everything interesting. Don’t worry though, I’m 100% sure that Ali’s good. #TEAMALISON

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ritadorkable: Emison in the promo for ‘Fatal Finale’
filmgeek593lord help me
shaymitchellxoxKill me.

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emisonislifelifeisemison: You know it.
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monavanderewaal: Ali and the liars 2.0?

you’ve got your emily because looks so in love with Ali. Then there’s the spencer, she just looks pretty smart to me?

Then hanna, the blonde. that’s basically all i have for her. And then aria, her hair is kinda similar and also aria would maybe wear that on one of her less extreme days.


this probably means nothing and was just the writers having fun but it’s still odd.

emisonfeelings: they’re being replaced.

Alison is the smartest. Can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve! I’m sure it turns out to be the opposite of what anyone is capable of assuming. 

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Some episodes have been… am.., you know… not even going to comment on tonight.

I’m Team Emison to the end, whatever happens, I’m not interested.

I hate to see that no one supports Alison. But no matter, she is strong and she will find a way to defend themselves.That’s a promise!

I suspect that there’s Emison in the next episode, but not in the way we want, sure they will make us shit. But I’m happy, seeing Alison is a reason to be happy.

Sasha Pieterse, that brat, yes, the baby of the cast, the teenage girl who knows how to act so fucking good, will surely give a excellent job on screen, so I’m happy to see that. I love her! She is also so beautiful. As we say in Mexico “We will have a Taco eye!” (A term used to say you’re going to have a good time watching someone beautiful)

I love bad girls, so just for that I will enjoy that Marlene try to make us think that Alison is “A”.

Emison is endgame.

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