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Ok ok, you know what this is. Time for another TeamAli rant, I know. But this topic is something I would like do address better and I got to back up my main bitch right now.

A lot of you look at this first gif and you go, “wow look at Alison’s smirk, she’s so playing Emily”. But no! Take a look a the second gif, now the first, now the second, now the first again. Do you see similarities? It’s not a smirk, it may seem like one but maybe that’s just how Alison is. It’s actually a genuine, heartfelt little curl of her lips that has SO much meaning that you wouldn’t understand unless you were TeamAli.

She wasn’t smirking because she thought she had Emily in her trap again, she was smiling (I think Alison’s softly smiling) because for one tiny second, everything was ok because for the one tiny second, Emily was still by her side. Emily is Alison’s rock, her support, without Emily, Alison is just like… Floating by. Alison thought she lost Emily, but when Emily told her “I don’t want things to be this way” Alison believed her for a second because that’s what she wanted to hear from Emily at that moment. By the time she turned around, that second of hope was gone because Alison realized she was being played at her own game.

We all know that you can’t pull the wool over Alison’s eyes, especially as the game that she’s starting Varsity for. She’s been playing the game for two years, staying one step ahead. Don’t expect to win at something Alison is experienced in, let alone trick her. She saw right through Emily when she realized her mom doesn’t do last minute shopping (which is a small detail Alison remembered and makes me go aww), and I think Alison was pretty crushed, which is why she fired back the way she did.

Just review those two gifs again, the smiles are the same. The one in the library and the one when she had her back to her give me that warm and heartfelt vibe, and some people probably see it as a smirk because we have barely seen these types of smiles come from Alison ever.

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Teen Wolf season 4


Breaden in Bra… 

So many sex 

Breaden in bra… 

Malia being anormal. 

No Stydia

No Sterek 

What the hell is Parrish? 

Breaden in Bra… 

More sex

Where the hell is Danny? 

Breaden in bra… 

Derek is not happy

No Stiles and Lydia in the same in screen for to long… 


No Sterek

I’m still waitng for the interesting thing! 

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